Mirrored lens sunglasses

Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

Everyone wants to look cool and for a long time now sunglasses with Mirrored lens have been seen as the height of cool. Originally Mirrored sunglasses were not designed for their cool look but because the mirror works well in bright conditions – they were a favorite of pilots who had to deal with all the brightness of the sky.

What they became was a fashion statement for men and women alike – with the classic mirrored aviator shades being sold in unisex styles as well as men’s styles. Beaches on both sides of the Atlantic were populated by laid back males wearing mirrored sunglasses. Nowadays they are not confined to the beach. Men and women alike wear their mirrored sunglasses on the street, in the bar, and to the nightclubs – many celebrities are never seen in public without their sunglasses.

Mirrored sunglasses developed street cred in the nineteen sixties and seventies and this still has some influence today. People want to wear what the celebrities are wearing so they will buy Gucci Mirror replica sunglasses. Wholesale suppliers offer all kinds of designer replicas because they know there is a market for them. One of the most popular styles is the Mirrored aviator sunglasses. The front of a pilot’s helmet was devolved into Mirrored sunglasses – invented to deflect the sun’s glare and enable the wearer to fly at optimum performance, its general popularity had not been considered. Mirrored shades soon became a favorite of the stars, later copied by the followers of celebrity and fashion.

Some bikers will wear Mirrored sunglasses, and providing these are also polarized they are good for minimizing optic distortion and giving protection from the sun’s glare. Some famous stars favor ray ban sunglasses with Mirrored lenses and this is another reason why they are so popular with young males – round Mirrored sunglasses tend to be more popular with the ladies. Certainly the classic Mirrored aviator sunglasses have tended to be reminiscent of the late James Dean who, even fifty years on still seems to epitomize cool.

Other people cannot see your eyes when you are wearing Mirror lens sunglasses – what they see is a reflection of themselves. People who want to be sure of having proper UV protection tend to favor polarized ray ban Mirrored sunglasses. Cop shows of the nineteen seventies and eighties introduced the cool cop with his fashionable shades and popularized highway patrol Mirrored sunglasses. Men’s Mirrored sunglasses started to sell like hotcakes and today the style is still immensely popular, in most of its many variations.

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