Gargoyle designer Sunglasses

Gargoyle Designer Sunglasses

Gargoyle is a name with the designer look that the fashion conscious think is cool along with supreme comfort for your eyes. Gargoyle do not have the same high designer price tag as some sunglasses and you can pick up a pair starting at around seventy or eighty dollars. While this is still expensive for many of us it may not be beyond all our means.

Gargoyle sunglasses are best known,

Gargoyle sunglasses are best known for their patented wrap back design which provides as much peripheral protection for your eyes as possible. The problem with many other sunglass designs is that they only protect the front of your eyes – Gargoyle prevents those harmful rays from penetrating the sides of your lenses. Gargoyle’s sunglasses are also renowned for their optimal lens design which minimizes the peripheral distortion so often experienced with some other designs. This prevents the headaches and dizziness that are a result of distorted vision – Gargoyle’s sunglasses are also recommended by some members of the medical profession as better for your eyes.

Gargoyle legend polarized sunglasses,

Gargoyle legend polarized sunglasses have all the eye care and quality that people expect from Gargoyle along with one hundred percent UV protection and a cool look. Gargoyle offers the best because it combines up to the minute style with the latest technology in eye comfort and care. It is possible to buy discount Gargoyle sunglasses but you might be better off if the site is an official site. This is just to make sure that you get the real thing. Most other sunglasses do not offer the same eye protection and comfort as Gargoyle. They are so comfortable that some people will board an aero plane and carry on wearing their Gargoyle sunglasses home.

Gargoyle’s heat sunglasses,

Gargoyle also make goggles and sunglasses for heavy sport like baseball and shooting which is why some Gargoyle products are made with bullet proof lenses. Gargoyle’s heat sunglasses have polycarbonate lens and come in the wrap back style that is Gargoyle’s hallmark. Gargoyle’s Helios sunglasses have silver lenses that keep out the glare from all angles and they are one of the better selling lines. Gargoyle sunglasses lenses are hard wearing, the fact that they are generally made from polycarbonate makes them not only lightweight, but shatter resistant. If you’re after a pair of these then you just need to type in the website address for Gargoyles sunglasses.

Gargoyles flip up sunglasses,

Gargoyles flip up sunglasses are made for the sportsman who can then flip them up if the day turns too dull for clear vision. You need to contact the supplier for all your Gargoyle sunglasses repair queries. They will pass it on to Gargoyle’s manufacturer. Sunglasses like these will last for some time if they are well taken care of.

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