Designer Sunglasses Styles

Designer Sunglasses Styles

Nowadays it seems that there are as many designers of sunglasses as there are sunglasses styles. Everyone it seems has got a yen for ‘named sunglasses’. Unfortunately designer sunglasses are beyond most of our budgets which is why we are seeing more and more designer sunglasses styles – without the designer. Mostly these are replicas or what are known as knock offs, they have that designer look, but may lack designer quality. There are also styles that are closely associated with a particular design house and these are not replicas. Mostly though, this latest fad is fueled by the growth in replica designer sunglasses styles.

Pilot style sunglasses

Pilot style sunglasses are a favorite of a number of design houses, the large, wrap around frames are always a good seller – as are old mad dog style sunglasses that are a reminder of sharp suited gangsters as well as seventies punk rockers. The sixties is alive and well in vintage style sunglasses which cover a huge range from Elvis shades and Ray Ban wayfarers to Jackie O style designer sunglasses. Big shades were the in thing last summer and it looks as though they are sure to be a hit again this year.

There is an increasing demand for designer style sunglasses, even the old style mad dog sunglasses are making a comeback on the streets. Vintage and designer style sunglasses are the thing to own, what you don’t want to be seen wearing is a pair of out of style sunglasses. The whole point of the current designer style sunglasses fad is to be as up to the minute as possible. Whether the fad is for aviators, vintage, or even mad dog sunglasses, anything beats being out of style.

There are plenty of active sports designer sunglasses, meant for the keen sportsman or woman, and designed for driving as well as snow and water sports. This interest in sports sunglasses has stimulated a fad for racing style sunglasses – these can be seen on bikers but they can also be seen on the man about the street. You don’t have to be a racer to be into racing style sunglasses. There are so many different styles for sunglasses on sale now, that if you had a pair for every day of the year, there would still be more than enough left over.

What the craze for designer style sunglasses does not do is, it does not please the design houses who try desperately to prevent their styles from being ripped off.

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