Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-On Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses used to be regarded as uncool but with so many designers now advertising Clip-ons they have become more popular. Clip-ons are generally a pair of hinged lenses that are designed to clip on to any existing glasses frame. They are generally used by people who already wear prescription glasses and just want to shield their eyes from the sun. Gone are the days when all you could get were standard, darkened lenses that were meant to clip over the top of any frame. Modern day clip-on sunglasses are in a completely different category.

The reason many people choose to have Clip-on sunglasses is that they can wear them over their prescription lens. This is a much cheaper way of protecting their eyes from the sun than buying a separate pair of prescription sunglasses. It’s easier and cheaper for parents too, because they can get Clip-on sunglasses for children. Many drivers who wear glasses experience trouble from the glare of the sun, or from light reflected off of other vehicles. Polarized Clip-on sunglasses make driving safer and less taxing for the driver’s eyes. The anti-glare properties of these Clip-on sunglasses, together with a hundred percent UV protection make them a good bet for any careful driver.

Most people have their Clip-on sunglasses custom made to fit their prescription glasses which makes it very difficult to tell them from any other sunglasses. Magnetic Clip-on sunglasses are more convenient than the usual type of sunglasses because they are designed to be attached to the rim of existing glasses. This makes them much easier to clip on and off when necessary. Prescription sunglasses are so expensive more people are using clip-ons and this means that there are an increasing number of Clip-on sunglasses manufacturers. Most Clip-ons come with a clip-on sunglasses case, but you may find you need other sunglasses accessories to take care of them properly.

An increasing number of designers are now getting into custom made Clip-on sunglasses, Armani included. Izone Clip-on sunglasses are made especially with drivers in mind who benefit from the protection of this innovative lens technology. Clip-ons need to be light as they are designed to fit over another pair of glasses this applies whether you prefer the flip up variety or whether you use magnetic Clip-on sunglasses. If you want to turn your prescription eyeglasses into a trendy pair of sunglasses Clip-ons can add that bit of pizzazz.

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