Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses are today’s must have accessory, no longer are they just for the beach. There are plenty of favorite styles and wrap around aviator shades must be one of the most popular sunglass styles ever. The frame is often available in either men’s, women’s or unisex style. Aviator sunglasses are big sunglasses, originally meant to give the wearer greater optic protection as well as style – this style is based on a design developed for the air force during the Second World War.

One of the best things about designer aviator shades is the attention they give to the lenses. Polarized Aviator sunglasses are designed to give greater optical clarity and to reduce the glare that reflects back of water and snow. A pioneer of polarized lenses and UV protection Ray Ban has been at the forefront of the sunglasses industry since 1937. The metal aviator sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise were what prompted top gun ray ban Aviator sunglasses, after the film of the same name – many big name stars have worn Ray Ban at one time or another. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses were borne out of a desire to improve the performance of Second World War fighter pilots.

If all you are trying to achieve is the look, then cheap Aviator sunglasses may do the job, but they will not give you the same visual protection. American Optical Aviator sunglasses were a later development of Flight Goggle 58, designed to provide the US Military with the best in optical performance, protection and comfort. Older people are reminded of their youth, Aviator sunglasses were almost as popular then as they are now – and Randolph’s Aviators sunglasses have become standard issue for the United States Military. So if you’re talking about vintage Aviator sunglasses, don’t think sixties and seventies think pre-World War Two.

Of course this sort of vintage wouldn’t suit today’s celebrities, they want Dior Aviator sunglasses, or at the very least ray ban Aviator sunglasses. The style has become so popular over the years that even the younger kids have jumped on the bandwagon and can be seen wearing boys Aviator sunglasses. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between casual and chic then try a pair of Gucci palladium Aviator sunglasses – the ultimate celebrity accessory. As for the rest of us well it looks like we are still going to be wearing our genuine replica Aviator sunglasses.

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