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For years, Armani has lorded over in the fashion world, easily considered as among the top icons and definitely a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The fashion house was founded by yet another Italian designer that can diligently work his way to the top with a keen eye for detail and a cunning foresight that heralded his entry into the frenetic world of fashion.

The fashion mogul first introduced his own line of men’s wear collection that stirred quite an interest among many urbane individuals who keep busy schedules but would always want to maintain a fashion edge as they battle their way around the corporate rat race in grand style. It created quite a loyal market that later ushered in the expansion to clothesline, to perfumeries, shoes and eventually to sunglasses as well – the latter, being the most popular modern fashion accessory today.

Armani sunglasses
Armani sunglasses

With famous celerity stars donning with own sunglasses in premier nights and red carpet events, designer sunglasses created quite a stir in the consumer market scene. People practically lined up the streets to get their hands on latest designer sunglasses despite the expensive price tags. The Armani sunglasses collection effortlessly toppled some of the competing brands out of the scuffle in the sunglasses industry. The Red Emporio Armani Sunglasses is the latest addition that gave other competing brands a run for their money and an ominous threat.

The design that easily made it in the ‘it’ list was made of the striking metal wraparound style that hugs the face with the Emporio Armani RED logo proudly embossed on the side of the lens. Bono of U2 was recently seen sporting these particular Armani RED sunglasses during his Vertigo World Tour that has a rather futuristic feel to it. It comes in a number of wonderful shades that includes rose, smoke gray, blue, and green, fashioned with forked arms with ruthenium and gunmetal frames. It also features polycarbonate lenses that effectively provide adequate UV shield and rimless frames that easily fit right into any fashion style that you won’t stick to.

All Armani sunglasses are always considered to be top of its class, a constant affirmation of the brand’s unquestionable precedence in the cutthroat industry on fashion. Armani embraces the premier standards of excellence and elegance, and never failing to come up with the perfect compromise of both form and function. In fact, Armani products, not just sunglasses are considered of timeless elegance and are expected to never run out of style. All the brand’s sunglasses are actually manufactured by Luxottica Group, which is the largest producer of prescription eyewear all over the world. With such collaboration of both the movers and shakers in the industry, you can only expect the finest quality material that money can buy. All the resin lenses offer unrivaled lightness and resistance to impact as well as 100% protection from the harmful UV rays. The crystal lenses collection, in particular, is only made from the purest quality glasses that boasts distortion-free vision.

With the ridiculously expensive price tags of designer products these days, a lot of people all these a vain attempt to enjoy a part of that star appeal that celebrities enjoy. However, purchasing a pair of Armani sunglasses is certainly not a case of frivolity as it is more a practical investment more than anything else. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt that you are sporting globally venerated brand too, right?

A quick browse online would let you in on the latest collection of Armani sunglasses that you can choose, all available with supreme quality standards that we have all come to expect with the brand. The price would range from $150 – $ 450 a pair, depending on the style.

With the serious threat of eye damage brought about by the harmful sun’s rays, sunglasses are considered a necessity. But whoever said you can’t combine function and aesthetic appeal, right? – In a genuine Armani fashion, it is certainly possible.

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